Meet the friendly and knowledgeable team at Flagstaff Modern Dentistry! Dedicated to caring for all your dental needs, you can receive general dentistry and specialties services here. We recommend regular dental cleanings to keep your oral hygiene on track. Should you have tooth decay, our dentists may recommend a treatment plan for a dental filling or, for more advanced decay, a dental crown. Flagstaff Modern Dentistry proudly offers dental specialty providers within the office. Periodontics is the treatment of gum disease and gingivitis. Our periodontist can also place dental implants for missing or failed teeth. A commonly requested service is oral surgery. Our team's oral surgeon expertly performs wisdom teeth extractions and a variety of other dental surgeries. Lastly, endodontic treatment is available for those who need a root canal specialist. We can coordinate appointments with our endodontist while you are at our practice. At Flagstaff Modern Dentistry, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent patient care in a comfortable and convenient environment!